Why SEO cannot ignore Social Media anymore?

Ever since the web came into existence, online marketers have come up with new strategies to meet new demands of audiences, search engines, business owners, etc. Link building had emerged as a success formula for most. The higher number of good links, the better rankings a site would achieve. Earlier in the day, SEO and Social Media were considered separately, but now they are grossly dependant on each other with the latter assuming the form of a search engine.

The approach of major search engines like Google has changed and the focus has shifted to users in terms of what they need, what they are looking for, one on one interaction, etc. This is one of the major reasons that given rise to a burgeoning social media with several sites providing platforms to become social! Here are a few reasons why businesses cannot afford to ignore social media anymore and why they need to reinforce their presence in the ‘Social’ circuit!

  • Link Building

Earlier link building was considered the most powerful tool for SEO with sites clamoring for links in high authority websites to gain a trustworthy online reputation. Though the importance of this kind of link building has diluted, links being shared on social media are hot! People look forward to useful valuable content on social media which they eagerly lap up encouraging content marketing as a major factor for online success.

  • Effective content marketing through sharing

When you have a prominent presence on social media, you gradually gain audiences for your posts. These followers closely follow everything that you post on various networks and also tend to share them. This makes content marketing very easy for you. You can also add blogs on social media, add simple social buttons to facilitate ease of sharing for your niche. All visitors may not become a customer, but you can be assured of gaining popularity.

Here is a blog post  on best social media marketing practices for businesses: http://www.gwebpro.com/best-social-media-marketing-practices-for-businesses/

  • Fastest way to build an online presence

Being actively present on social media is the best way to gain an online presence and also the best way to get noticed by prospective customers. Social media is very dynamic where people are interacting all the time. If you are active, you are social which means that you have to post optimally to make maximum impact. The key is in being sending out the same message consistently.

  • Social media helps in increasing traffic to a website

Social media is real and you can get instant results. When you make a post about your products, services and company you can be sure of increasing traffic to your website. There is no scope for anything fake in social media because everything here is real time. People reading and interacting on your posts are real and are genuinely interested. So if you are able to strike the right chord with your audiences, then half the battle is won for you!


Social media is the new search engine. People often search various networks to check out trending topics instead of going to a search engine which has even prompted technological giants to enable searches through their existing platforms.

Google, Apple working hard to Improve SEO!

Many new online businesses have chosen to make their websites mobile-friendly in order to boost traffic and turn potential clients into future customers. Although some of them have attained success, others have missed out this great opportunity of making websites responsive and get more visitors. Soon, web pages with an application will be easily searchable as pages on websites and mobile-based companies will be able to compete with websites through searches. Search Engine Optimization or SEO will show the most recent changes that are taking place almost every day.

The biggest and most popular search engine, Google has brought several changes to improve on search quality. However, the successful SEO strategies have not changed till date. These SEO strategies include building algorithms, writing blog posts and paid links.




Time has changed – The past, present and future

Google is working to combine search engine with Android operating system. The biggest search engine, Google has released various changes such as deep linking, app indexing and Google Now On Tap in the last few months. Some tools have been created to make it easy for application developers to incorporate new technologies. These changes indicate that users can look for app content from Google search and push app content in Android operating system. Apple has recently declared its search engine that will launch with iOS 9. Users can search for content directly from their devices by means of Safari search and Spotlight.

These changes indicate that Apple and Google are working together to move searches from web to your device. They are also working to make app content easily searchable as web page.

Best products will rule over SEO – Is this true?

Google has encouraged webmasters to build great products for the growth of SEO. However, the companies that have effective PR and best marketing rank higher than the ones with best products. As a result, it is common that new products that have arrived in the market will have to fight with well-established competitors to be found in search results.

This is something very difficult to resolve because if a visitor leaves a website, search engine will not be able to track whether the user had a good or bad experience. The new search algorithm of Apple will take into consideration certain factors like when you want to engage yourself with some content. One of the most important factors for Apple’s ranking is engagement that will become important with time. For example, if anyone searches for a particular recipe, then Apple can track which recipes have been clicked the most and the recipes people use the most. These changes mean that the content written in the best way will win and startups that have new products can compete with larger competitors.

The winners of new SEO will be able to search easily and find out the best app content at the suitable time and place.

About Author: This article is written by Methew Heden on behalf of SEO Edmonton. He is a professional writer who have vast experience in writing blog and articles on different subjects.

Mobile Search in 2015 and beyond

The use of mobile phones has surpassed desktops in 2015. According to a Google report, mobile searches have left their desktop counterparts far behind. Observing this surging trend, there is increasing importance of developing mobile friendly websites with stressing on desktop searches when people use their mobiles for every search.

There has been rapid change in search behaviour and Google has already accorded more preference through higher rankings to mobile friendly sites as per algorithm updates. This update focussed mainly in rewarding websites that are “mobile-friendly” so that they rank higher on search engine result pages or SEPRs when search is conducted through smartphones and tablets. Well, if you haven’t yet made your website mobile-friendly, then chances for people to find your website will be less when they browse through the Internet with their smartphones. Make your website mobile-friendly so that it can be accessed easily with all kinds of devices.


Making website responsive

By making a website responsive, the content and images can be adjusted depending on the device from which the user is browsing the site. There are two options for mobile websites – separate mobile websites where you need to manage different properties of the website and dynamic websites where different types of content has to be managed on different devices.

Optimize loading time of website

It is extremely important that your site and web pages load fast for users. According to Google, all the pages in a website should load within 1.5 seconds, at the most. The loading speed of websites matters more in case of mobile phones. Search engines will take into account loading time when ranking websites and content. So, how can you make a website load faster? Well, there different solutions such as upgrade hosting, optimizing images and using correct code.

User experience on different devices

Mobile users have small devices like smartphones and tablets with which they browse the Internet. So, when making responsive website, keep in mind that mobile users will be accessing the Internet with touch-screen devices, which is completely different from using desktops/laptops.

Mobile search is the future and the trend is here to stay beyond 2015 in the coming years. It is advisable to make your website responsive so that it can be accessed easily on all devices. This will enable your website on stay on top in the search results.

The top ten scientific advances of 2011

2770887841_64f81d3826_zNow that 2011 has just ended and now here we are passionate about science better than remembering the past year with a compilation of the greatest scientific advances. So, people of the journal Science published a report by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, of the ten most important scientific discoveries of the year. In selecting the advances we can stroll through the harsh reality of AIDS into the subject of asteroid dust, make the best vaccine against malaria or know that keeping sex with Neanderthals strengthened us.

No more waiting, the winners are:

AIDS treatment as a prevention tool

We start with the most important breakthrough for the AAAS this year. And, today you can cerciorar that if a person with AIDS taking antiretroviral drugs is 96 % less likely to transmit the disease to their partners. So , the drug constitutes antrirretroviral double protection as a part benefits the personal and individual treatment of the virus and on the other hand fulfills a protective function in society.

Asteroid powder

In 2011 we could see for the first time in microscopes beauty asteroid dust when a Japanese ship made its return to our planet harboring this powder on top. Observation and analysis of dust from asteroid cited the conclusion that stony meteorites found on Earth originated on these asteroids that represent us is, nothing more and nothing less than 17% of the bodies that inhabit the System Solar.

Sex with Neanderthals made ​​us stronger

According to a study of Evolutionary Anthropology at the Max Planck Institute our immune system is reinforced by the fact that humans had sex with Neanderthals, so after this incident we become stronger beings through the introduction of a key gene against a variety of viruses. On the other hand, it is shocking to know that Europeans and Asians have inherited between 2 and 6% of the DNA of Neanderthals. All we need to launch an inquiry to the future : Will the direct ancestor Australopithecus sediba the current human?

Clean energy

Convert sunlight into fuel. Yes , as you hear , that would be clean and pure energy that could be used by Japanese researchers. This would be possible by capturing the protein that plants use to split water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms, this process is referred to as Photosystem II.

The cleanest gas of the universe, the Big Bang gas

We continue with cleanliness and purity. This year gas clouds originating from the time of the Big Bang were found. This raw material of the universe contains intact remains of clean gases that were never part of stars (too vague) and which appeared in the minutes after the universe was born. This discovery was played by astronomers using 10-meter telescopes at the WM Observatory Keck.

Relationship between nutrition and disease

In 2011 they have conducted research on bacteria that predominate in our digestive tract, studying and observing their behavior. Coming then to the conclusion that while there are some who thrive on high-protein diets there are others who do in diets rich in vegetables. According to the journal Science, this study ” helped to clarify the interaction between diet and microbes in nutrition and disease.”

The best vaccine against malaria

Over the past year it began to develop the best malaria vaccine laboratory at the hands of GSK. The study 000 children being protagonists started 15 with the result achieved in the future with this vaccine to be reduced by half the risk of contracting the disease in very young children. The vaccine in question is to be known as RTS, S .

Strange and distant solar systems

No escape in the universe beyond Earth. Yes, NASA during the year that we closed yesterday spotted two planets with nearly identical to our size. Also, with the help of Kepler Observatory we could know that there are more planets than previously knew, they would be floating planets in the cosmos independently.


Zeolites are minerals design, with high porosity and application in the chemical industry as catalysts. These minerals are the work of German and French chemists , and would represent an as important as reducing the costs of oil and gas production, improve the processes of purification of water and air and the production of detergent to wash our clothes advance.

Delaying the ills of aging

Delay regarding our health ailments caused by the passage of the years is possible. Yes , things like cataracts or truly important muscle weakness and no wrinkles or crow’s feet that terrify us because of the cosmetic industry . This would be possible by the discovery of senescent cells called that can stop dividing and managing time delay . “This offers the hope that with the removal of senescent cells can prolong our years,” says Science.

Google’s red social, Google+


It seems that after the failure of Google Buzz and Google Wave, Google has focused on making a social network decent shape, which of course have a lot of work, as in previous. I do not speak anything other than Google+, although we might call social network is rather a social layer, which integrates all Google services. And as they say, a picture (How right), is worth a thousand words; so I do not think it takes to say it looks better than Wave or Buzz.

Google replaces the typical button “friends” with “Circles” (circles). This is just another way to group your contacts, would be how the lists of Twitter, but with a circle. Everything is based on HTML5, so there will be no compatibility issues. Besides being very intuitive, has “intelligence”, and I say this because if you create a circle called “grandfathers” and add any other family member 12 or 13, the system detects it and asks if it’s really who we want to add . The circles appear in the top bar of Google and when to share a link (for example) we’ll go through those circles directly through the bar.

Google Latitude , now available for your computer


Less than an hour ago that Google has made ​​official , Latitude and can be used from the computer. This was originally a service for mobile platforms (such as Gowalla and Foursquare ) that was useful to know where your friends (or your husband … ) .

Accessing the web we can see that is the same as the location of your friends but it appears Google Maps .

It has a tab of options where we can choose whether we want to receive an SMS when your friends are near you, share our location with our contacts in Google Talk or Gmail and integrate our position on our website or blog .

A big step for Google in the field of geolocation .